13. Jan, 2019

Sharks and rays of Argentine waters - The seventh article


"The Spotback Skate and its size problem" in Spanish

(La Raya Pintada y su problema de tamaño)

in El Librito del Sur Nº7

A short resume from an article by Fernando Reis, SEI's executive director, published the 2nd November 2018 on "EL LIBRITO DEL SUR" in Argentina:

Also known as spotted stingray, it is a species of elasmobranch that inhabits the coastal bottoms of South America, and which has been classified as endangered for more than 14 years. Nowadays, there are few specimens captured by the fishermen of Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil.

Like many other species of oviparous rays, the Spotback Skate Atlantoraja castelnauideposits its eggs (large capsules that can occupy the entire palm of one hand), from January to October of each year. These capsules are rectangular measuring between 92 and 103 mm long and 72 and 80 mm wide.

The range of distribution of this species is very small on a global scale. It only inhabits coastal waters between southern Brazil, from Rio de Janeiro to Golfo San Jorge, in Argentina, between depths ranging from 20 m until little more than 200 m. If we lose it here in South America, it is lost in our entire planet.

Special thanks to:

  • Alejo Irigoyen - Researcher at the Center for the Study of Marine Systems (CESIMAR) and the National Council of Scientific and Technical Research (CCT CENPAT - CONICET), Puerto Madryn, Chubut, Argentina.

  • Santiago A. Barbini – Researcher from the Research Group “Biología de Peces”, also researcher at the Marine and Coastal Research Institute (IIMyC), and at the National Council of Scientific and Technical Research (CCT CENPAT – CONICET), National University Mar del Plata (UNMdP).