THANK YOU so much to our team of volunteers in Portugal! You made it!

The Sharks Educational Institute, together with Oceano Azul Foundation of Portugal, organised this Saturday 21 the Beach Cleanup of Magoito beach and seaside, integrated in the 

This day - September 21, 2019 - National and International Coastal Cleaning Day, was a great opportunity to raise awareness among the general public about the issue of marine litter and promote a more sustainable behaviour.

On a specially rainy day, this small group of shark's friends took Saturday's best meteorologic opportunity to join the 2019 global initiative #internationalcoastalcleanup.

Over 30 years ago, coastal communities rallied together with the common goal to collect and document trash on their local beaches, giving birth to the Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup Day (ICCD). 

Since then, the cleanup has grown to an international scale, gathering volunteers from over 100 countries around the world to participate in a powerful and inspiring action to clean their local beaches and coasts.

This year the Portuguese Sharks Educational Instituteteam of volunteers, with the support of Oceano Azul Foundation, made this Cleanup last Saturday afternoon, on the Beach of Magoito, Sintra, collecting 2,15kg of plastic marine debris.

The Sharks Educational Institute, together with Oceano Azul Foundation of Portugal, organised last Saturday the Beach Cleanup of Magoito beach and seaside, integrated in the Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup Day.

SEI's First Beach Cleanup Event of the year collects 100 kgs of Plastic Marine Debris


The Saturday 5thJanuary, the Sharks Educational Institute together with Go Azul Sports Club of Hermigua, and the Club de Buceo El Sebadal organised, with the support of the Municipality of Hermigua, the first Beach Cleanup of the year.


With this kind of initiatives, we want to make a positive contribution to local communities and help support healthy oceans globally. 16 volunteers have come together to this event, on the first Saturday afternoon of the year, collecting 100 kgs of plastic marine debris from the coastline of Santa Catalina Beach in Hermigua. 5 shoe soles, 20 nylon boating ropes, 87 plastic bottles, and 357 broken pieces of plastic, are among the most significative collected items. This beach, frontal oriented to the most predominant currents of the North Atlantic, receives plenty of marine debris that arrives to the island. 


Nowadays, it is estimated that between 10 and 14 tons of plastic finish in the oceans every year. There is a growing body of evidence that decomposing plastics are creating serious global problems. 


From poisoning and injuring marine life to the ubiquitous presence of plastics in our food to disrupting human hormones and causing major life-threatening diseases and early puberty, the exponential growth of plastics is threatening all our planet’s survival. 


Due to the increasingly threatened marine life balance, we are engaged on promoting educational events about the health and other risks associated with the use and disposal of plastics, including the pollution of our oceans and marine environment. 


Along this year 2019, on the first Saturday afternoon of each month, we will meet at Santa Catalina Beach to collect plastic marine debris. And all the volunteers who wish to join us are very than welcome!


By promoting this kind of events, we also wish to contribute to the education of the young and adults around the planet, sharing some ideas for keeping coastlines clean and protecting marine wildlife.

Our creative educational events are developed to sharing the most updated knowledge and information about the marine biodiversity balance based on a better and ethical awareness about sharks, to all children and adults.

Sharks Educational Institute proposes thus a wide range of forums, lectures and workshops to exchange the sharks' public knowledge amongst the different communities' stakeholders, and can take place in schools, cultural exhibitions, dive centres and open fields.

With these educational events we believe we are also promoting a critical thinking and an easier decision making, into the direction of a personal choice for becoming respected stewards of the diverse marine environments on our planet.

Coastal Cleanup III Sea Week at Hermigua, Gomera island, Spain


Event: 3 Semana del Mar - GoAzul Skin Diver Project in Hermigua

Location: 'El Pescante' - Hermigua, Gomera island, Spain

Volunteers: ten people, organised in three teams. (Many thanks to Raquel, Maria, Martin, Adele, Susanna, Fernando, Yuen, Ushi and Teresa!) 

Time started: 12:15p.m.
Time Finished: 1:00p.m.

- 375 Cigarette Butts;
- 80 Toilette paper pcs;
- 67 Fishing lines;
- 46 Plastic parts;
- 16 Snack bags;
- 10 Cigarette empty packs;
- 5 Soft drink cans;
- 5 Alcoholic drink cans;
- 4 Plastic light drink packs;
- 4 Plastic straws;
- 3 Plastic strings;
- 3 Plastic bags;
- 3 Plastic drink bottles;
- 3 Plastic bottle tops;
- 3 Yogurt cups;
- 3 Plastic disposable containers;
- 2 Aluminium papers;
- 2 Acrylic parts;
- 2 Disposable cups;
- 1 Wipe;
- 1 Glass beer bottle; 
- 1 Boating rope;
- 1 Plastic shoe;
- 1 Cloth Pc.

Knowledge is the most important tool one can have to demystify the false reputation attributed to some shark products.

Evening Shark Talk presentation, part of the Night of the Shark Protection in Portugal 2017

Thanks to all the participants assisting at this event held at the H2O Lisbon Dive Club in Sesimbra.

Thanks to the Sesimbra Municipality and to our friends and partners from the Portuguese Association for Elasmobranch Study and Conservation APECE, and to all the members of the H2O Lisbon Dive Club.

Race For The Sharks 2017


Celebrating the World Oceans Day in Canary Islands, Spain, we organize a neutralized race Non-Crono for all, kids, youngers, adults, grandmas n grandpa's, the entire family, all generations! This is the fourth edition of a solidarity event for the sharks around the Canary Islands, organized by the Sharks Educational Institute and supporting the Canary Islands Shark Alliance.

Working together with small NGOs around the world, we wish to lay the foundations for a better informed public opinion, generating new behaviours inspired on the sense of respect for our marine environment.

Join Sharks Educational Institute and discover the most healthy, fun and exciting ways to learn how to promote our oceanic nature and its guardians sharks!